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Close Enough To Be Myth

Close Enough To Be Myth
I want you closer,
closer than before.
To be the scent on your rose, so you then can feel my warmth.
Be the words dancing on your lips each day, so you can taste us together too.
Few moments like these last, but it's a boat trip down the river of self wants I'd rather have.
I'd make the sun last longer than it does,
if it means many more seconds in your welcoming arms,
and be the sun,
when the darkness holds each moment that you have.
My breath on your lips,
be the mist that reminds you that I will be around you,
despite the distance, the sun shines each day,
and when the cold comes, see the roses and know that we too grow stronger apart.
I miss your tender lips,
the taste of truth in my mouth,
for once the stars shine for me at night,
when I think of you.
Your eyes like showcasing lights,
depicting pools of broken trust.
Put your hands on me,
because I want you close,
closer than he did because he buried lies and didn't see the …

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