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Mirrored words

Mirrored words
Dear lover, I'm here for you.  To put pen to paper,  to remind you of all the songs my heart sings when you're close by.  For this braille to no longer be unheard,  for me to recite to you the words unsaid.  Dear lover, I'm here for you.
To remind you that what was gone, will remain there,  but I'm here.  Like always,  and what grows here darkness cannot take without fear,  let my warmth brings words to you sincere,  upon the frontier imagine my desire for you ride horses majestic enough whose galloping approach the thrum of my beating heart,  or maybe like magic say abracadabra, believe,  and watch our love appear. Out of the ashes of a past gone,  the path behind you,  the signs they say the same, dear lover I'm here.
Wishing,  I'd wake up to you,  each morning after you'd chased the shadows away. Ignoring everything the past said,  in your arms I'd feel weightless like the stars seemed,  that night we kissed,  and I'd fallen in lov…

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