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A black princess, fearless as she is.  She a leather skinned woman because she was tougher than most.  She brown skinned and lovely, knows she's more than worthy,  doesn't let any man tell her she's lost.  Doesn't walk on egg shells to satisfy Facebook comments or tweets,  she knows her strength. Doesn't need no petitions or demonstrations to only make things worse.  She a constant ball of body pains each month her body screams. She doesn't need your opinion or approval,  like being black and woman is a choice she made,  and now keeps paying for. Accept her sunshine and her rains.  Her weathered storm so much better than the ever raging world's she lives in. She black princess wakes up each day ugly,  she thinks.  Imagine this,  to wake up in a costume of black and feel like it was a shell to shed,  like the day is only better when she feels the light on her skin,  but how will you see the stars if you shun the night dear girl?

She beautiful queen …

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